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10 Tips for Employee Motivation This Summer

By Christina Krenek

Summer has officially started. It’s time to put on your sandals, grab a cooler and hit the beach for a few months, right? Well unlike kids in school, the workplace doesn’t have a summer break. With all the summertime hype and beautiful sunny days, it may be difficult to stay focused at work. But the summer is actually the perfect time to rejuvenate and get motivated. So here are 10 great tips to maximize employee motivation and keep employees happy and productive this summer.

  • Send Employees the Game Plan – With the start of a new season, remind your employees of the company goals and objectives. This will make sure everyone is on the same page and clear up any confusion or questions. It’s also effective to receive input from your employees. Do they have any suggestions to add or change?
  • Tidy Up the Office – Believe it or not, having a clutter-free environment is one of the keys to productivity and success. A clear desk equals a clear mind. Encourage employees to throw away or recycle documents they no longer need and replenish office supplies. If your budget allows, now is also a great time to update your technology and resources; outdated tools can be a major productivity blunder.
  • Offer Flexibility – Studies have found that work weeks of more than 40 hours can be harmful for employees and the organization as a whole. Giving employees a reasonable and respectable amount of flexibility actually promotes productivity. Have you ever thought of a summer hours program? An article from Inc.com shares tips and ideas for creating an effective summer-hours policy. It’s important to give employees flexibility while keeping track of their productivity and making sure all demands are still met.
  • Encourage Healthy Living – Work can definitely be stressful, and too much stress has a negative impact on your health. Recent research has found that 86 percent of full-time employees in the U.S. are above normal weight or have at least one chronic condition, which results in loss of productivity and profitability. Don’t let your employees get burned out! Make sure your employees have time to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. If you don’t have one already, start an employee or corporate wellness program. Encourage walking or jogging programs and offer healthy food and snacks in the office. Successful wellness programs save money, increase productivity, improve morale and improve the quality of life for employees.
  • Coordinate a Summertime Company Event – The weather is beautiful, so why not have a companywide leisure event? It’s a great opportunity to invite families, encourage a positive corporate culture and show employees they are truly valued for their hard work. Inc.com even suggests having a company picnic. Whatever the event, it’s a great way to show your employees you care and keep them motivated!
  • Focus on Team Building – In the middle of all the projects, deadlines and meetings, teamwork may be shoved under the rug. A strong team that understands and respects each other is an effective team! The summer is the perfect time to plan team building events and coordinate group brainstorming sessions. Make sure all employees are free to share their own ideas and collaborate. Here are five useful tips for creating a team building culture at work.
  • Deal with any difficult employees immediately – Do you have any employees who are causing problems? Don’t let bad attitudes bring down your team and productivity. If you want to keep motivation up this summer, it’s time to manage any difficult employees and minimize conflict.
  • Have causal dress days – During the warm summer days, why not have a few “Jeans Days!” This promotes an enjoyable atmosphere and gives employees a break from slacks or high-heels. Of course the casual dress days should be scheduled when appropriate. It’s a good idea to coordinate them around holidays or company events.
  • Read for inspiration – With longer summer days, it’s the perfect time to sit back with a cup of lemonade and read a good book. There are some great books out this summer that inspire new leadership ideas, tools and techniques. Here’s a complete summer reading list from The Washington Post.
  • Enjoy your work – Ultimately, employee motivation comes from engaged workers and just enjoying your job. A quote from Maya Angelou explains it perfectly: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

How will you stay motivated this summer? Let us know!

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