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3 steps to build your team's confidence

3 Easy Steps to Building Your Team’s Confidence

Picture a successful team that has reached its full potential. Or one that seemed to overachieve, to go above and beyond.

Now, think about the characteristics of that team. I bet that what comes to mind for you is that these team members are all on the same page. There is unity in their vision. They share a common goal. And they are more focused on achieving that goal than they are on personal accomplishments and glory.

Next, I’m betting you think about the confidence, the resolve, of that team’s leader, their coach. Why wouldn’t you? Because if the leader of a team loses confidence, if he or she panics, that’s when we see teams crumble.

Business leaders I work with often ask me how they can achieve such levels of confidence and resolve. And how they can in turn build that confidence in the people on their teams.

The answer is in three easy steps. Steps that you should focus on and practice and watch your own confidence levels rise, along with those of the people on your team.

1. Pick an area where you can gain a victory. This is critical especially if you and your team have been falling short, whether you didn’t make sales numbers or missed the deadline for a project, for instance. Look throughout your organization and see someplace where a win is attainable and go for it. Wins don’t have to be home runs; be happy with a bunt single.

2. While you are pursuing that win, focus on progress. Emphasize the good things that are happening along the way. Avoid any tendency to let your team focus on what’s not going well, setbacks, or anything else negative. Keep the eyes of your team looking forward.

3. Once you get your win, celebrate it. Recount your success and the reasons behind it to your team. Tell your success story to other executives throughout the company. Show your team you are proud. Why? Because success breeds success, and the confidence that a success inspires goes on to breed more confidence.

Great leaders are able to cast bold visions – and achieve them – because they have confidence and resolve. But these qualities have to be built over time, the way a muscle is built through repetitive, diligent workouts.

It all starts with setting a goal, achieving that goal, and then celebrating the success of that goal. Do these three things and your confidence and your resolve as a leader – and the confidence and resolve in your team – will climb, paving the way for you to accomplish greater things for the organization.

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