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A Wonderful Leadership Quality of Serena Williams

What impressed Bob Kaplitz about Serena Williams wasn’t so much her tennis skills.  They’re great, of course.  What’s impressive is her influence on others.  And that, according to leadership guru John Maxwell, is what leadership is.  No more.  No less.

Serena Williams is a person of influence, so Kaplitz wanted to capture a testimonial about sports agent Leigh Steinberg, played by Tom Cruise in the movie “Jerry McGuire.”  Williams was Steinberg’s first tennis client in Steinberg’s heyday.  Steinberg’s career later tanked, but he wanted to stage a comeback now that he was overcoming an alcohol addiction.

Bob Kaplitz

Kaplitz, a partner in the Rise Performance Group and an expert in building leaders throughout organizations, tapped into Serena Williams’ influence to benefit Steinberg, his client.  See it in this short video clip, captured at Steinberg’s annual Superbowl party in Dallas with a loud crowd pushing in because of Williams’ charisma.

Credit goes to Steinberg, too.  As Serena Williams’ agent, he helped her navigate her career.  Call it the Law of Navigation, Kaplitz says.   “Anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.  Leaders see the whole trip in their minds before they start the journey.”  If that sounds familiar, it’s the wisdom of John Maxwell.

Leadership training at your company can boost your productivity, your bottom, and your top lines.  Besides, you’re creating leaders.  But Kaplitz says the Rise Performance Group will leave the tennis skills to others.  Call 214.766.4236 to learn how to put leadership training to work at your company.

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