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Are you a Partner or a Vendor?




Recently I was with leadership expert John Maxwell at an event in Florida.  I always enjoy my time with John.  He is committed to pouring into us with all his passion and adding value in unique ways.  This particular event was no exception.

Since starting Rise Performance Group, I have always looked at myself as a partner to my clients.  And I have encouraged my clients to look at themselves as partners to their clients.  I encourage them to focus on how to articulating their organization’s unique value proposition.

I have never sold a commodity, although I believe many industries are under commoditization pressure.  I believe an organization differentiates itself from competition by adding value in unique and creative ways.  [bctt tweet=”An organization differentiates itself from competition by adding value in unique and creative ways.”]

During this day with John, he chose to spend a significant amount of time talking about partnership.  He stressed what it means for me to partner with the John Maxwell Team as well as his vision for partnership in general.  John laid out the following acrostic for PARTNER that I believe we can all benefit from:

PPlace your client’s agenda at the top of your agenda.  Value your clients so much that you cannot succeed if they do not succeed.  Partnership is about a two-way dialogue.  Partnership is about listening and gathering input from clients as you develop new products and services.  It is adopting an attitude that says we will always be better together than we will ever be alone.

AAdd value to your clients every day.  Focus on new ways to add value in ways they would never expect from someone in your position.  Spend time focusing on their emotional needs in addition to their functional needs.  Learn to deliver confidence and security in all your interactions.  Consistently look for new and creative ways to meet these needs through your products and services.

RResource your clients.  What resources can you provide them that will help them succeed?  Consider time, perspective and knowledge.  Move beyond what you can provide that is valuable to what you provide that is invaluable. Challenge yourself and your team to consistently help solve their biggest problems.

TTailor your services to best meet their needs.  Vendors offer a product and partners offer solutions.  Your clients will value services they feel are tailored to best meet their unique needs.  [bctt tweet=”Vendors offer a product and partners offer solutions. “]

NNever violate the trust that has been given.  When you make a claim, you give hope.  When you deliver on that claim, you build trust.  Be an organization that is committed to establishing, building and maintaining trust.  Trust is a foundation for a partnership.

EExceed expectations every chance you get.  Develop the discipline of setting expectations that you are confident you can deliver on.  Do not tolerate over selling.  Do not tolerate taking shortcuts to close a deal at the expense of long term relationships.

RRespect the relationship and grow it.  Respect must be earned each and every day.  Honor comes from what you did yesterday but respect is what you earn today.  Develop a discipline of earning respect each and every day.  [bctt tweet=”Honor comes from what you did yesterday but respect is what you earn today. Develop a discipline of earning respect each and every day.”]

You know the importance of relationships and the importance of valuing your clients or you would not be reading this blog.

Develop intentional plans for creating partnerships with your clients.  Educate your clients and employees on what partnership means to you and your organization and watch your organization turn clients into die-hard fans.  Remember – intentional plans create die-hard fans.



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