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Are you championing execution?

Leaders always find a way to win. Leaders inspire their followers to turn their vision into reality. One way they do this by championing execution.

Champion execution by mastering the following:

Creating Momentum
Momentum is magic. Everything is easier when you have momentum. Momentum starts with massive action, focus and victories.

Massive action is critical to generating momentum. It takes more energy to create momentum than to maintain momentum.

Focus your team by creating clarity about the goal, milestones and the strategy. Limit distractions and competing priorities.

Always point to the small victories. Success breeds success. Implement a cadence with minimal time between team meetings. Leverage the power of the team meeting to focus on accomplishments, priorities and learning. Experiment with even shorter time frames between meeting. Try meeting daily or even twice a day and see how that accelerates momentum.

Creating Structure
Create just enough structure so that you can answer these two questions:

Are we on track or off track with our plan?
Is our performance improving?

Establishing structure provides the foundation for answering these two questions.

Structure comes from providing a plan with daily, and weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual objectives and establishing a cadence to calibrate the plan. The more often you can calibrate your plan the faster you scale and the higher your probability of success.

Action produces results. When results are analyzed against the objectives, the feedback helps refine the plan. Failing fast and learning is a requirement in today’s environment.

Measure items which are most in the control, or heavily influenced, by the team. Identify measurements that have the highest correlation to achieving the objectives and the goals.

Less is more when championing execution. You want to focus on the right measurement, the right objectives and the right cadence.

Good leaders find a balance between addressing problems and giving praise.

While strategies are important, the right mind-set is the most precious commodity your team can possess. Model high standards while keeping your team focused on what is working, lesson learned, and the small victories.

Look for ways to increase empowerment. Proper structure makes empowerment easier. Empowerment with structure allows team members to self-manage. A self-managed team member knows immediately when they get off track and can self correct. The leader can then come alongside to coach and encourage.

The right empowered team member will always outperform the right disempowered team member.

While it is important to stay positive and encourage, you cannot afford to ignore issues that need to be addressed. Make sure the environment allows space for the team to air concerns. Work to ensure trust is high and constructive conflict is valued, not avoided.

Leaders find a way to win. While surrounding themselves with empowered managers and leaders in their own right, leaders never lose sight of the fact that success is ultimately their responsibility. Championing execution ensures that success.

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  1. Cameron Mitchell

    Hi Mark, I like the momentum technique the best, however, structure and feedback are critical components of the execution strategy as you already know…Thanks!

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