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Be All in and Strive to be Better

productivityAuthor: Steve Deighton

For those of us who participated in physical competitive sports at some point in life, we were likely coached to go “all out” every play or risk physical injury. The reason being if the other player was exerting maximum effort and you were not, the result would likely end with you becoming injured.  In business, we obviously avoid the type of physical contact required in sports, but the principle is the same. You have to be fully committed to what you are doing or risk falling into a state of apathy and mediocrity. Ask yourself, am I maximizing my effort today? Am I committed to achieving results which are better than I achieved yesterday or last week? Have you resolved to only do enough to get by?

At some point, we have to stop and evaluate our own performance.  How productive are we?  Are we meeting the expectations of others?  Are we meeting our own expectations?  How well are we producing? Are we continually retracing our steps and having to fix mistakes in our own work or worse yet, is someone else having to commit resources to fix our mistakes?  How motivated are we?  Do we need someone else to prod us along or do we have the internal motivation to strive forward? How well are we collaborating with others? How open are we to other people’s input? How proficient are we at achieving effective solutions to the challenges we face? Are we able to adapt to the inherent changes of growth or will we be passed by?

If you could not respond affirmatively to each of the above questions, then take a moment and recommit yourself to be better.  You owe it to yourself, to your employer, your clients, and your family.   If you are not sure how to start improving, then take the time to find a friend or a coach to help you travel this path.  As you start along this process, you should ask yourself, what can I do or provide to others that will be better, that will differentiate myself in the workforce?  As you strive to be better, stay positive in thought, actions and character and you will soon notice people around you will seek you out.    There is a well-known saying which I keep in my office “Minimums are designed to control those who are not driven enough to manage themselves.”

Strive for maximum effectiveness every day, be all in!

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