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Building Leadership Momentum through Leadership Rhythm

A leader must constantly focus on maximizing their resources and inspiring their team to reach its true potential.  They do this by creating an appropriate structure of rhythm, cadence and measurement that inspires their team members to set higher standards of performance and willing accept increased responsibility and accountability.

Momentum is a leader’s best friend.  –John C. Maxwell

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • There is a lack of ownership, problem solving and accountability among employees and managers.
  • We have a lack of energy, enthusiasm and engagement.
  • There is too much blame, finger pointing and operating in silos.
  • We see lack of clarity around departmental responsibilities.
  • There is excessive confusion around priorities and what is most important right now.
  • We experience a lack of effective indicators that correlate to performance.
  • We suffer through unproductive meetings.

You are mastering the principles of leadership, now it is time to take your team’s performance to a whole new level.  The Building Leadership Momentum workshop will help you create a culture of performance.


  • How to increase performance 10% to 30% by implementing the structure to support flawless execution.
  • How to increase empowerment through a structure that ensures every employee can self-manage and answer the following questions:
    • Am I on-track or off-track?
    • Am I getting better?
  • What leading and lagging indicators have the strongest correlation to performance.
  • How the 6 questions of clarity will increase alignment and provide intrinsic motivation.
  • How to design the right rhythm and cadence for high performance.

Course Details

Target Audience:  Front Line Managers, Middle Managers, Senior Leadership and C-Suite Executives

Course Length:  One Full Day Workshop plus Eight – 90-minute sessions delivered every other Tuesday

Group Size:  up to 20

Additional Reading:  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell

Getting Started

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