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Connect Fast and Influence People

According to experts, we are bombarded with more than thirty-five thousand messages a day. Everywhere we look, someone is trying to get our attention.  At the same time, we also have messages we want to get across to others. I’ve read that, on average, most people speak about sixteen thousand words a day.  But the question is, how many of your words would matter? How many would make a difference? How many would get through to others? Talk is easy. Everybody talks. The question is, how can you quickly connect with and influence others?

Educators often take something simple and make it complicated.  Communicators take something complicated and make it simple.

~ John C. Maxwell

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • My clients, co-workers and team members are not easy to communicate with.
  • My clients do not fully engage and commit to our plan.
  • I sometimes struggle with getting different groups to buy into my vision.
  • I believe I’m a good leader and others trust me but my results do reflect my potential.
  • I sometimes lack confidence in my abilities.
  • I want to accelerate my growth as an effective leader.

Connect Fast and Influence People will help your team unlock the secrets to connecting fast and gaining influence with others so you can cut through the noise and stand out in the crowd.


  • Master principles and actions that make people want to follow you and your recommendations.
  • Equip you to attain more influence and command more respect.
  • Master the art of pre-framing and re-framing to accelerate the change process.
  • Discover how to meet the functional, emotional and altruistic needs of your clients.
  • Learn to almost immediately connect with new people.

Course Details

Target Audience:  Anyone who seeks to increase their influence and build leadership skills.

Course Length:  Various.  This course can be presented as a two-hour mini-workshop, over a series of eight or 10 virtual workshops, or in an all-day workshop format.

Group Size:  Varies by format.

Additional Reading:  Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C Maxwell serves as the basis for the teaching and is required reading (may be waived based on workshop format).

Getting Started

Ready to go all-in with learning to connect?  Schedule a discovery session with Mark to talk about how CFIP could drive positive change in your organization or contact us for more information.

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