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Change Is Good…Now You Go First (Part 1 of 2)

Here are some of my favorite change quotes:

  1. Changing things is central to leadership. If you are a leader, you will continually deal with change…because you are trying to convince people to go forward and to go forward means there is movement and whenever there is movement there is change.   Leaders have to get their people ready for change…if they were ready…they wouldn’t need you! Leadership becomes extinct when the people are ready. Leadership and change are constantly together.
  2. If you want to make enemiestry to change something. Change is not for the light hearted or the insecure. You will be disappointed…of the people you thought who would…but don’t and people who could…can’t. There will be casualties along the way. It will take its toll on you.
  3. All change does not represent progress but without change there can be no progress. I am not saying that change equals growth because it doesn’t always. Change could equal grief. You cannot have growth without change.
  4. Change is inevitable…growth is optional. Even those who resist change…change.
  5. The world changes so fast you couldn’t stay wrong all the time if you tried.
  6. The question is not will we go through change…but will we grow.

This lesson is all about helping us grow through change. Here are some ways to inspire change.

  1. Change what needs to change…not what is easy. Don’t make cosmetic changes instead of cultural changes.
  2. Effective change usually begins with the inside-out changerather than the outside-in change.
  3. Let go of yesterday…so you can go to tomorrow. There are 2 types of people…savers and throwers. Evaluated experience is the best teacher. Ask yourself…what did I learn and what must I leave? It’s easier for companies to come up with new ideas…than to let go of old ones.
  4. Activate belief. A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. People only change things if they have a high belief there is a reason for that change.
  5. Remove barriers. Job number 1 for leaders is to remove barriers that keep your team from executing the plan. Barriers are created by out- dated systems; out-dated procedures; out-dated people; or out-dated products. Do some serious diligence to clearly define the enemy…what barrier is keeping us from making this change. This requires getting input from your employees. Leaders must listen…learn…then lead. Prioritize the barriers based on these things:   Time…how long will this take? Challenge…how hard is it? What are the results…what difference will it make? Then you can decide which ones to do first. Does the price equal the difference?
  6. Simplify the message. Making the simple complicated is common place. Making the complicated awesomely simple…that’s creativity.

Communication questions you have to ask yourself.

  1. Do I understand what I am saying?
  2. Do they understand what I am saying?
  3. Can they tell others what I am saying?
  4. Can others understand what they are saying?

Simplicity should continue to last from the speaker…to the people…to the people they speak to…it ought to go 3 generations. If it doesn’t go 3 generations, it’s not simple enough. The more reasons you have for valid change…the higher your odds are of getting it.   As leaders, we have to help our people have reasons, or ways to, or answers to the changes in their lives.

Next week, we’ll delve deeper into change and why it’s good–stay tuned!



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