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Change is Good…You Go First – Part 2

Last week, we covered why change is good. The more valid reasons you have to make a change…the higher the odds are that you will do so.   Ask yourself:  Is it worth it?  Will I do it?  Change is all about us turning around.  Here are some reasons to make changes in your life and to inspire others to make changes.

6.  Lead with speed.  There is always the question of how fast do we move?  The   right answer is…as fast as possible.

Answering yes to the first 5 questions listed…will help you lead with speed.

B.  The more people required to change…the longer it takes.

C.  The more difficult the change…the longer it takes.

D.  The desire for perfection and the fear of failure…slows down speed.

You must create a climate that rewards risk…and creative effort.  Your people must not fear mistakes…but understand that honest mistakes can be life’s main source for learning.  When people fail they do 1 of 2 things:  they either learn from their failure…or they leave their failure and keep repeating the same mistake.  Failure helps you to find yourself and to help you find your way more quickly.

E.  Speed is important in creating short-term wins.  Never underestimate the significance of early victories.  They give an emotional lift to those working very hard and keep the cynics at bay.  It helps build momentum…which can be a wonderful friend when you are riding the wave of change.

7.  Let the customer call the shots.  Put other people first…don’t ask how others can add value to me…ask how you can add value to them.  Be “other” focused.  I think there are 3 questions people ask when they are deciding whether to follow you or not:

A.  Do you care for me?…people always migrate to the leader’s heart before they observe the leader’s hand.

B.  Can you help me?  Leaders lift people to a level they probably cannot get to on their own.

C.  Can I trust you?  Motivating…not manipulating.

8.  Let your actions speak.  You can’t teach culture…you have to live it…you have to experience it…you have to share it…you have to show it.  Words without deeds mean nothing.  People do…what people see.  Nothing is so contagious as an example.

A.  When people say “they’ve hit the wall”…you tell them how you’ve hit the wall.

B.  Tell them how you “got back up.”

C.  Tell them the “success stories” since you got back up.  It was tough…but you stayed the course.  This will put strength and courage back into their lives.  Every success story is birthed out of adversity.

9.  Inspire personal accountability.  When you have a personal accountability attitude…you have more control over your destiny; you become an active contributor rather than a passive observer; others begin to look to you for leadership; you gain the reputation of a “problem solver”; you enhance your career opportunities; you enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done; the power of positive doing; you experience less anger, frustration, and helplessness all leading to better physical health; you realize the positive “spill over effect” onto your personal life.

10 most important words:  You won’t wait for others to take the first step.

9 most important words:  If not me…who…and if not now…when?

8 most important words:  If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

7 most important words:   Let me take a shot at it.

6 most important words:  I will not pass the buck.

5 most important words:   You can count on me.

4 most important words:  It is my job.

3 most important words:  Just do it.

2 most important words:  I will.

1st most important word:  Me…not me selfishly me…but me…I’m going to help carry this.  Your future depends on many things…but mostly yourself.

10.  Stand with your team…not above your team.  Do it together.  Instead of competing with one another…work on completing one another.  Come along side…add value to.


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