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Rise Performance Group trainers have an uncanny talent for connecting with leaders and guiding them in unleashing their unused potential. With extensive training and decades of on-the-ground experience, we have helped hundreds of organizations build high-performing cultures, nurture world-class leaders and push the envelope of profitability.

Shift Your Culture
into High Gear

Your organization has a culture but is it the right culture? Culture is a collection of the habits exhibited when people act naturally. Most people can work against their natural tendencies for short periods, but at Rise we work to develop positive habits that become the foundation for new standards of behavior for your team.

A poor culture will ruin a good strategy. When you get the culture right, however, it can compensate for strategy and execution mistakes. We’ll help you create that type of culture – a culture that will serve as a magnet, drawing people toward the best version of themselves so they can help you win.


By driving a real culture shift in your organization, you can elevate your team’s performance and productivity. The RISE process will transform the culture you want to the culture you’ll obtain.

We’ll help you gain true clarity around the culture you aspire to acheive. This focus will allow you to best model ideal behaviors and reinforce your new culture through systems and stories.

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Why Buy-In
Is Critical

A leader’s success is measured by the ability to take people where they need to go. But it’s difficult if not impossible to get employees to follow you, if they haven’t bought into you as a leader. Rise works with you and your team so you and other leaders develop the credibility and respect necessary for others to “buy-in.” As people look to you as a leader, it becomes easier for you to present your vision and easier for them to embrace it. Employees are far more likely to commit emotionally to the vision, goals and purpose of your organization.

The How of

Morale is critical to the performance of your organization. Employees perform best when engaged, motivated and supported. Gallup research shows us that 70% of an employee’s engagement is determined by an employee’s manager.

That’s why RISE transforms managers into leaders. We will work with your managers until they’re able to inspire their employees to peak performance, influence the behaviors and actions of others, and continuously innovate by setting new goals that challenge their teams.

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We retained Mark Fenner and Rise Performance Group to help us increase the pace and professionalism of our executive team in creating goals and driving a brand promise to meaningful results for our clients and our company. Mark also assisted us in transitions between executives. In every situation, Mark acted with integrity, enthusiasm and tact. I would recommend him to anybody.” 

Phil Christianson
CEO HealthSmart Holdings

Choose RISE.
Choose Growth.

At RISE, we guide executive leaders in focusing on profitable vision and strategy, while simultaneously working with the organization to support that vision. When mid-level leaders step up, problem solve and make decisions, executive leaders gain the time to focus on the bigger picture. Through executive retreats, leadership labs and proven tools, RISE will drive transformation and growth in your organization.