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How Can a New Cadence Increase Your Team’s Engagement?


How many times have you tried to motivate, encourage or even coerce your team to meet a goal or hit productivity metrics?  If you’ve struggled with this challenge, try this approach:  Increasing the engagement of your team may be a simple switch in cadence of your meeting schedule.

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There are three types of meetings that provide significant benefits for my team and many of our clients:

  1. Daily Huddle – A daily huddle isn’t appropriate for all teams, but if your team is operations oriented, the Daily Huddle can be a game changer. In the Daily Huddle, the entire team spends five to ten minutes together.  Topics might include escalation items, potential challenges or a review of the prior period’s performance. This approach minimizes ad-hoc communication that hurts performance.
  1. Weekly Performance Review Meeting – This meeting goes deeper than the Daily Huddle, and is key to personal accountability and increasing engagement. In the Weekly Performance Review Meeting, everyone reports what they accomplished last week and their priorities for the next week.  The important thing is that they are presenting to you.  This drives engagement and creates accountability. Think about this for a minute:  If you tell someone they didn’t meet your expectations, chances are they will get defensive.  However, if they report their results, you’re demonstrating to them that they are empowered and people respond better when they are empowered and given the opportunity to lead themselves.  Keep this meeting moving quickly by focusing on tactical, short-term, performance-related issues.  Don’t get distracted by drama or strategic solutions (table those items for the Monthly Strategic Meeting).  Develop a cadence to be in and out of the weekly meeting in 45 minutes to an hour.  As the leader, at least 70% of your time in the Weekly Review should be spent listening to your team.

[bctt tweet=”People respond best when they are empowered and given the opportunity to lead themselves.”]

  1. Monthly Strategic Meeting – In this longer (1 – 2 hour) meeting, take one or two of the items uncovered in the Weekly Performance Review Meetings and focus on them. This is where you focus on resolving the more strategic issues that will help your team breakthrough to new levels of performance.

These two tools can take your meetings to the next level:

Weekly Performance Review Meeting Worksheet

Monthly Strategic Meeting Worksheet

Improve your meeting cadence and watch the performance, energy and engagement of your team go to a whole new level.

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