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How to Communicate Your Leadership Brand


How to Communicate Your Leadership Brand is often a matter of just telling your story.

Bob Kaplitz“Make that actually showing your story,” says Bob Kaplitz, an expert in leadership training and video storytelling that accelerates learning leadership.  Kaplitz, a partner in the Rise Performance Group, helps companies tap into their leadership potential.

The power of asking people to tell their story and the story about a valued vendor relates to:

  • Bringing the company’s brand to life.
  • Bringing the story of the vendor to life without it appearing to be a commercial.

As you look at this “Workday Customer Video” with the TripAdvisor President and CEO and CFO, see how they communicate not only Trip Advisor’s leadership brand but also that of Workday.  If you’re wondering about Workday, the video explains the service.

Although TripAdvisor and Workday don’t call themselves leadership brands, they demonstrate the qualities of leadership through their commitment to excellence through a clearly defined value system.

If you’re looking to enrich the leadership skills at your organization to improve the bottom and top lines, contact Bob Kaplitz of the Rise Performance Group at 214.766.4236.

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