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How to Disengage an Engaged Employee at Light Speed!

Author: Steve Deightonemployee engagement

Executives and managers pay attention: your words and actions significantly impact your employees! Every person desires to be valued. This is a key motivator for employees, and one that can be quickly dampened when a careless manager or executive causes the employee to feel that they are not valued.

It only takes one boss doing or saying one thing to cause an employee to move from highly engaged to very disengaged in a microsecond! There has never been a more important time than now to keep your employees engaged.

Worried that your team is disengaged? Here are a few ways to keep your employees engaged:

  1. Actively seek their input. You may be surprised to find many of your employees have some great ideas which can lead to more business for your organization.
  2. Don’t interrupt, belittle, or assume anything when receiving input from an employee. Keep an open mind and listen for the purpose of understanding, not for the purpose of responding!
  3. Be consistent if you open yourself to receive input from one employee, allow all your employees the same opportunity to provide input.
  4. Try to avoid saying “no.” Rather, say “Not now, and here is why.”
  5. Give credit where credit is due. Everyone appreciates a pat on the back once in a while.
  6. Know what is most important to your employees.   Why are they working and why do they chose to work for you?
  7. Have a plan for the employee. This may sound like common sense, but many employers fail to look to the future value of their employees. It is far less expensive to develop employees for greater responsibilities than it is to hire from the outside.
  8. Coach. Don’t just focus on the areas that need correction, but mix in the areas which they do well and should keep doing!
  9. Address managers who are careless or who deliberately bully or mistreat employees. They are a walking liability for your organization and need to be immediately corrected or removed.
  10. Share your vision with your employees. Be genuine and fair, create a work environment where people feel safe and valued, and you will be creating a healthy future for your organization.

Taking these steps to keep your employees engaged does not take much time or effort, and the positive impact on your organization is nearly immeasurable. Those who do not take the time or make the effort will surely be able to measure the cost of higher turnover and lower productivity. The choice is yours.


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