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How to Lead with a Persuasive Story

How to lead with a persuasive story starts with capturing the “right story.”


  • Crucial elements include plot, characters, and narrative point of view.
  • The story should communicate in an engaging way what makes you or your company most valuable, i.e. a LEADERSHIP culture.
  • Keep it short to ensure your audience is engaged.
  • Use only information that advances the story and your leadership.
  • Communicate with passion, as a leader knows passion destroys mediocrity.

See these concepts come to life in the following video.  As you watch it, consider how you would share the same memorable story without video, if you need to.  Look for Bob Kaplitz’ comments at the bottom of the screen.

As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence.”

To influence people, establish yourself as a valuable thought leader.  And one of the most effective ways to communicate thoughts is through storytelling.  But let’s not get caught up in having to create videos.  Cavemen and women likely told their first stories in simple ways, and their drawings on the walls of caves helped to communicate stories, too, influencing others.

After all, as Maxwell talks about The Law of the Picture: People do what people see.

Use storytelling to turn your managers into leaders, improving you bottom and top lines.  Contact Bob Kaplitz and Mark Fenner at the Rise Performance Group at 214.766.4236.

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