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How to Turn a Vision into a Reality You Can Experience

How to turn a vision into a reality you can experience speaks to leadership.  That’s according to Mark Fenner and Bob Kaplitz of the Rise Performance Group, a leadership development company.

They invite you to listen to a short excerpt of a 2014 keynote address from the leader in the field of movie making, technology, and finance.

And Mark Fenner comments on “the vision.”

Mark Fenner says leadership is also about communicating the vision.

You may have missed something that Mark Fenner points out.

And finally, Mark Fenner on the importance of connecting with reality.

Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh understands that big studios have to adapt business models to take advantage of new technologies, trying to break from the past.  As a leader, how are you leveraging the new technologies in your field?  We’d like to know.  Contact Mark Fenner at the Rise Performance Group:  markf@risepg.com.

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