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How to Understand Branding + The Leadership Brand


The Leadership Brand Imperative

Surprisingly, the CEO of a major corporation admitted to me he didn’t understand branding and why it was important.

I asked him who made the nice suit he was wearing.  He responded “Hart Schaffner Marx.”

“And what brand of coffee are you drinking?” I asked next.

The CEO nodded his head, realizing how brands influence his buying decision.  He gained a deeper understanding when I asked him what each brand stood for.  He knew exactly.  He was, in effect, an expert on each brand.

Do you need a brand?  You already have one.  Your brand is your reputation.  What others say about you.

Bob Kaplitz, a leadership and branding expert, recommends you begin to develop a Leadership Brand.

Develop the Leadership Brand for your organization.  Contact Bob Kaplitz at 214.766.4236.

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