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What Are The Kansas City Royals Teaching Us About Leadership and Building a Great Culture?

The Kansas City Royals blazed through the ALCS to the World Series, after sweeping the Orioles almost exactly 29 years after winning their last pennant. This polar shift can teach us a great deal about building and leading a culture that breeds success in your organization.

The Royals are coming off of a 29-YEAR losing streak (ouch). So what changed? First, they are demonstrating that it’s not always the proven talent or traditional methods that get us to the big game. They have created an unconventional and unprecedented track record of success through the playoffs with young, unheard of talent. They brought in unconventional players with unique strengths to help catapult them to the World Series this year.

What can we learn from this? The Royals have certainly showed us that it’s not always “top talent” that gets us the win. If we model them, bringing in young talent and empowering them with a mission and vision, give them priorities, and help them understand that they have the freedom (and responsibility) to innovate and build creative solutions, we can build a great organization. This is business leadership at its finest.

So who is doing this today? I look no further than OneSource Virtual, a young company in the Dallas area that is turning the entire human capital management space on its head. They are building their culture around young employees that are hungry, energetic, and highly motivated. They are equipping them with the tools and training to be successful, providing them with clearly articulated mission, vision, and values. As CEO Brian Williams writes in his blog, the values guide the behavior of the team. Values like “innovation is the rule” and “you are empowered to fix what’s broken.” They are creating a culture of teamwork and peak performance that is turning heads and generating results.

Take some lessons from the Royals. Follow them to the World Series. Root for them. But most of all see what you can apply to your company and your ability to lead.

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