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Leaders: 4 Steps To Getting Your Team’s Buy-In

Have you ever had issues with getting your team to buy in to your vision? As leaders, this can be really frustrating. We have ideas that will impact the bottom line—but only if we can get our team on board.

Challenge: Team Buy-In

Leaders are about change. Leaders have vision. Leaders need to influence their team to come along and support that vision. So what do we do when they’re not following us?

In every organization across all industries, there will be individuals on a team with differing levels of influence. There are always one to three people that have higher influence than the others. After we (the leaders) are done casting our vision, they get together and have the “meeting after the meeting” where that influencer tells the rest of the team how they should interpret the message/vision we just cast.

Solution: Gain Influence Buy-In In 4 Easy Steps 

To drive more change in your team, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Identify the employees with the most influence.
  2. Meet with the individual(s) with the most influence before you deliver the message (your vision) to the entire team, and have a discussion one-on-one to share your mission, your vision, and where you’re taking the team.
  3. Be sure to ask them if they buy in.
  4. Address their concerns and negotiate until they buy in. If, for some reason, you cannot get this person to buy-in, then I highly recommend that you delay casting the vision. Moving forward without the buy-in of your key influencers will most likely result in lackluster acceptance by the larger group. If you go forward, it will likely be sabotaged by that person (with the most influence on your team) who’s not on board yet.

So take your time, get the right people on board, then cast your vision to the group as a whole, let your key influencers help sell the vision and then watch the productivity of your team skyrocket!

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