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Leadership: How to Identify Your Culture from the Inside

How to identify your culture from the inside comes down to a few simple suggestions.

Bob Kaplitz and Mark Fenner of the Rise Performance Group like to use the web company, Zappos, as an example.

Bob explains in this video.


Management guru John Maxwell says that culture is far more important than just visions and missions  That’s because your culture is about the actions you take.  In short, actions speak louder than words.  They speak louder than written visions and mission statements.


In leadership the greatest gap exists between knowing and doing. That is, people have training but don’t put it into practice. Bridging that gap results in productivity and people development.

  • What aspects of your culture would you like to see changed?
  • What small, initial step could you take to make a transformative difference in the area of culture that you feel needs to be reformed?

The greatest leadership challenge involves moving from doing to changing. In crossing that chasm, leaders transform a culture.

Kaplitz and Fenner say:

“Go ahead with your mission statements and definitely create your ideal future vision.  But remember how you spend your time and your money paints a portrait of your identity.”

Invest in your employees.  Help them become leaders throughout your organization.  Contact Bob Kaplitz and Mark Fenner at 214.766.4236.  They can customize a leadership program for employees in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

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