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Leadership Lessons from the 2017 Super Bowl


Congratulations to the New England Patriots for an epic win against insurmountable odds.  It’s been almost two weeks since the big game, and the Patriots’ comeback is still a much-talked about accomplishment.

Perseverance, teamwork, remaining calm under pressure, finishing strong and the role of momentum are all valuable lessons learned from watching this team that trailed for most of the game and then come back and won in overtime.

One of the greatest comebacks in sport’s history teaches us specific lessons about developing leaders.

  • Pick your battles. Great leaders find a way to win when their commitment level is high.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick wanted a win.  They had a vendettaThey wanted to avenge Brady’s 4-week suspension.  Consequently, their resolve – their why – was the momentum needed to get a win.  This was their battle.

As leaders, we must also pick our battles carefully.  Provide your leaders with clarity about what is most important – of all the needs fighting to gain momentum, guide them to which battle is most important.

Then give them the tools needed to win:  Provide metrics so it is easy to tell if they are on or off track.  Saturate your organization with purpose.  Teach your leaders to focus on the fundamentals and look for momentum.  The Patriots never lost faith in executing the fundamentals of their game plan. 

  • Be a model of resourcefulness for your team. Exemplify positivity and a belief there is ALWAYS a way when you are committed.  Momentum is magic and we must help our leaders develop the habit of fighting for it by developing resiliency and resolve.

Model a never-quit attitude and commitment to the daily routine.  That’s where the wins come from.  If you don’t have a daily routine, including a regular team meeting cadence, I encourage you to start one now.

Brady inspired his team to do the basics and find a way to get back in the game.  He encouraged his teammates to finish the fight, to keep going back to the basics, to rely on their team cadence and keep going.

Lucky breaks come to those who work for them.  In the Super Bowl there was the amazing catch, the turnover, and the back-to-back two point conversions. Those are the breaks that spark momentum. If the team would have quit, they never have missed that chance.

How are you modeling resourcefulness for your team? [bctt tweet=”How are you modeling resourcefulness for your team?” username=”markatrisepg”]

  • Create an identity for your organization. There is no force in human psychology greater than the need to remain consistent with our identity.

Each member of the New England Patriot’s organization views themselves as part of a winning organization.  This identity is more than just a focus or a vision.  It has truly become their identity.

What is your team’s identity?  If you can’t easily answer that question, you can start to create a winning identity by following these steps.

– Leverage your creativity by having a unique name for your team. Make it fun or make it serious – just make it something people can connect to.

– Define and model the beliefs and behaviors you want to see in your team. People do what people see.  

– Celebrate wins, attitudes, and behaviors that align with your identity daily and do not tolerate attitudes and behaviors that do not align with your identity.

[bctt tweet=”Define and model the beliefs and behaviors you want to see in your team. People do what people see.” username=”markatrisepg”]

Creating an identity takes time and commitment.  Make it fun and be focused on the lessons learned from inevitable setbacks.  Let setback refine you, not define you.

What a great game!  What an epic display of leadership.  Apply these lessons to your business and start experiencing the victory and momentum you deserve!

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