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Leadership Lessons from Sounds of Silence + Simon & Garfunkel


Interviews with legends in their field take on even more significance about the meaning of leadership when you haven’t listened to them in years.

Bob Kaplitz, Partner with Rise Performance Group, interviewed Simon & Garfunkel for his college radio show back in 1967.  That was before a movie called “The Graduate” was released with their music, which propelled their leadership position.  And before one of the biggest selling songs of all time — “Bridge Over Troubled Water” — hit the stores.

Bob recently came across the recording.  The purpose of the interview was to learn more about up-and-comers Simon & Garfunkel following their concert to a relatively small audience on the campus of the State University of New York in Binghamton.

Listen to this very short excerpt from the crusty audio tape, then look for insights leadership guru John Maxwell, Mark Fenner, President of Rise Performance Group, and Bob Kaplitz share today.  Kaplitz says what’s curious about all this is that the questions had nothing to do with leadership or leadership training, but the answers revealed their leadership insights.

Art Garfunkel:  Failure to connect when you think you’re communicating.

Paul Simon:  Be authentic, not a copy.  As Maxwell says:  ”Be who you are.”

Enjoy the music — and the leadership insights from two talented musicians.

Neither Mark Fenner nor Bob Kaplitz sing, but they can help you improve your bottom and top lines through leadership training.  Leaders can turn managers into leaders, driving profits.

If you follow this stuff:

Both Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon are still performing, but not together.  They both have scheduled concerts in 2014.

After a lengthy and career-threatening bout with vocal cord paresisArt Garfunkel says that his voice is now “96 percent” of where it was in 2010. In a new interview, he speaks optimistically about the possibility of another Simon & Garfunkel tour, but admits there is one obstacle to hurdle: Paul Simon.

Video, music, and lyrics (c) Simon & Garfunkel.  Audio interview conducted in 1967 (c) 2014 Bob Kaplitz.  Video and audio mix produced for this blog by Bob Kaplitz.

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