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Mark Fenner Talks With Sprint Business: Future of Work

Rise Performance Group’s founder, Mark Fenner, recently wrote an article for Sprint Business Future of Work, discussing the difference between “leading” and “managing.”  Essentially, the old ways of managing employees – making sure they were at their desks getting their work done — don’t work anymore.

Technology has changed the speed at which other things change. We have more millennials in the workplace. They really need a new approach to leadership, not management.  So what is the difference? Mark explains that management is about getting people to do the required work in the required time, but leadership is about inspiring your team to be better and getting them to buy into your vision.

The changes that brought us here support that idea. Millennials are typically independent thinkers. They prefer to multitask and value lifestyle rewards rather than financial rewards. Millennials or not, leaders have to start giving up some of their power to their teams. It can be hard to give up that control, but it is necessary for success in a flatter organization.

It is critical to engage your employees. The key to this is communication (and even debate) to get your team’s buy-in. Once they embrace your vision, you’ll be able to move out of management and into leadership.

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