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Memorial Day: Honoring our Military Leadership

Memorial Day is much more than a prelude to summer.  While we remember and honor the military heroes who have sacrificed everything, we can also reflect on the examples of superior leadership that can be found in our military history.

There are numerous examples of superior leadership, but there are a few leaders I believe epitomize what true leadership stands for.

  • George Washington –George Washington successfully led his troops to persevere over the greatest military force of the time.  He served as a source of inspiration to his troops and fought side by side with them.  His leadership skills were demonstrated in his ability to design military strategies that went unmatched by his British counterparts.  Although he may have been fighting with limited resources, his ability to lead his troops through adversity is a prime example of what a true leader can accomplish.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower – Dwight D. Eisenhower was perhaps the finest example of a political general in our military history. His leadership skills were one of the primary reasons he was so successful in maintaining the peaceful coexistence of the allies, which allowed them to work together. He also led one of the largest campaigns against the Axis in Europe and North Africa, which is responsible for the victory he and his troops successfully accomplished. In 1944, he commanded the largest combined sea, air, and land operation in military history. His leadership skills allowed him to lead his troops to victory time and time again, experiencing a minimal amount of casualties while winning the war.
  • Douglas MacArthur – Douglas MacArthur provided leadership at a time when the country truly needed it. He successfully led his troops in the southern theater of the Pacific Campaign and oversaw the surrender of Japan. His leadership skills were highly effective in his ability to lead his troops through Korea. Throughout his military career, General MacArthur demonstrated superior leadership qualities and earned the respect of the country.
  • George S. Patton, Jr. – General Patton was one of the most effective military leaders to serve during World War II. He was the only commander in America who was both feared and admired by the German high command. His exemplary leadership skills helped make him the ultimate warrior and leader. He will forever be remembered as one of the finest military leaders to have ever served in the United States military.

As you are relaxing and enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, take a few minutes to reflect on some of these great leaders and the many who gave their lives so that we might live as free people in a truly great country.
You probably know someone personally who has served or is serving our country and exhibits all the great qualities of a leader. Please leave a comment on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages to help us honor them as well.

(If military leadership interests you, you can read more about Patton and MacArthur (and other greats) in this story which I used as one of my informational sources.)

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