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Putting the Law of Magnetism to Work for Your Team

In physics, one of the laws of magnetism is that opposites attract. When it comes to leadership, the exact opposite is true.

What we find among leaders is that they tend to attract people who are like them. That can be good in some ways, not so good in others. As leaders, we want a variety of skills and strengths on our teams, so we have to be careful to foster the kind of diversity required for a successful, well-rounded team.

This is a good time, now that we have just crossed over into a new year, to take a hard look at your current team and really analyze your people. Do you have the right people in your inner circle? Who do you feel you need to work more with? Are there some people who just aren’t the right fit for the team? As you hire, what do you need to look for in the new people?

I encourage you to take an honest inventory of what you would really like to see in the next leaders that you either bring onto your team or that you develop. An inventory like this requires that you assess the traits that are most important. For example, do you want people who have vision? Strong influencing skills? Problem solvers? And what are you looking for in the attitude of the people you hire or develop?

After you have made a list of the qualities that are most important to you, compare your existing team in light of those qualities. Rate each member of your team against those key criteria. That will make it clear to you exactly what you have on your current team.

Then, when you start to interview new people to fill key roles, always keep that list of qualities uppermost in your mind. Look for people who score the highest on the criteria most important to you and who can fill any gaps on your team.

Do that and you will start to surround yourself with stronger leaders. That will increase your team’s performance and bring success for you, your team, and your organization, helping you to rise above.

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