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Resolve – Unlocking the Power of New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word “resolution”?  According to dictionary.com it means the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.  Personally, when I think of resolving I think of it as cutting off all other options.

The challenge is that rarely do people actually resolve and then cut off all other options when setting New Year’s Resolutions. According to Michael Hyatt, 25% of the people who set resolutions give up on them within the first week!  Another 60% abandon their resolutions after six months.

How can you increase the chances of accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution?  I want to give you three keys that have worked for me:

Less is more – Resist the urge to put a long list together.  Pick one or two areas where you are committed to achieving your goals.  It could be in the areas of finances, health, career, faith, personal growth, or any other area you choose.

Goals are achieved when they move from something you should do to something you MUST do.  You can’t make everything a “must” but you can make one or two goals a “must”.

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Consider that the sun provides the earth with billions of kilowatts of energy, yet if you stand in it for an hour, the worst you will get is a little sunburn.  On the other hand, a few watts of energy focused in one direction is all a laser beam needs to cut through diamonds.

Commit to one resolution this year and focus like a laser beam on making it a reality.

Answer Why – When creating change it is important to remember that if your reasons are big enough then the answers will come.  You will be more likely to follow through when you have a strong reason for accomplishing a goal.  My friend Les Brown says, “If knowledge were power we would all be skinny, rich and happy.”   Unfortunately, it takes more than just knowing you need to do something to make it a reality.

Think of the people you know who, for years, have talked about the need to stop smoking, lose weight or start exercising.  There is an overwhelming amount if information available to help in all these areas, yet they don’t take action and follow through.  They resist resolving to change until that day when the doctor finally says either stop smoking or you are going to die in the near future.  Suddenly this person has a reason that is strong enough to get them to follow through.

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I have found family and loved ones can be the most powerful motivators.  Most people will do almost anything for their children.  Take a minute and write down all the reasons why you must follow through on your resolution this year.  Put some emotion behind it.  Think of the impact it will have on the loved ones in your life.  Do not be afraid to use both the pleasure you and your loved ones will experience when you accomplish this goal as well as the pain you and your loved ones will feel if you do not follow through.  Many people will do more to avoid pain than they will to pursue pleasure.  Use this power lever to help you follow through.

Create a Plan with Daily Activities – Create a plan with milestones in place that will help track your progress.  These shorter term goals will help you determine if your daily activity plan is working.

Create intentional actions you can take every day to help you achieve your goal.  If your goal is to lose 10 pounds this year you can accomplish this by tracking your weight every week, doing some type of exercise each day and managing your daily caloric intake.  The key is to create simple steps that you can control that will lead to success in achieving your goal.

My resolution for 2016 is to make a massive shift in my health and fitness.  To make that happen I have set a goal to run and finish a marathon.  I have many reasons but the most inspiring for me is that I want to remain active with my adult children and grandchildren for many more years.

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I have a daily plan and have a new Garmin watch that will track all the important statistics and most importantly track my progress.  My daily activities include minutes of exercise and monitoring caloric intake.

Weekly I will be tracking number of miles run, running pace and average heart rate.  I have monthly milestones for longest run and pace.  If I follow my plan I am confident that I will be completing my very first marathon in October or November.

My plan does not guarantee results.  However, for the last several years I have made a resolution to get in better shape.  This year I have resolved!

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