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Mark has an uncanny talent for connecting with leaders and guiding them in unleashing their unused potential. With extensive training and decades of on-the-ground experience, Mark has helped hundreds of organizations build high-performing cultures, nurture world-class leaders and push the envelope of profitability.

Break Free From
Your Revenue Rut

The most effective push toward revenue growth comes from within. Through meaningful collaboration, we’ll help you create real buy-in and accountability within the organization toward achieving sales goals and pursuing vision.

We’ll help you identify those activities that best produce profitability. And we’ll show you how to deliver on your brand promise. When leaders and employees come together on purpose and focus, be prepared to take your revenue to the next level.

Goals 2.0

The possibility for revenue growth is increased tenfold when the right people are focused on the right tasks. Leaders today are faced with an overwhelming set of choices, as various projects compete for their attention. That means discipline in goal setting is more critical than ever. Setting the right goals will ensure that precious company resources are being applied to the right projects.

RISE will teach your team how to set and communicate goals that are achievable and inspiring. Short time frames make it exciting to set, achieve and celebrate these goals. Start creating the momentum your team needs to begin delivering exemplary performance.

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Time after time, RISE has helped companies achieve increased profits, increased revenue and increased enterprise value. By partnering with us, you’ll free invaluable time for your leadership team and create an industry-dominating, competitor-crushing strategy. Your enhanced strategy combined with the flawless execution driven by a vision-focused culture will lead to superior profits and superior cash flow.

“I believe that organizations in periods of rapid growth and change can benefit from an outside professional to keep them moving and on track. Mark Fenner is that person. Mark facilitated our leadership teams to develop our mission, vision and values statements which has accelerated our growth and development as a high performance team. Our culture will be stronger and our strategies more focused as a result of his remarkable assistance. “

Mark Stadler CEO,

Choose RISE.
Choose Growth.

At RISE, we guide executive leaders in focusing on profitable vision and strategy, while simultaneously working with the organization to support that vision. When mid-level leaders step up, problem solve and make decisions, executive leaders gain the time to focus on the bigger picture. Through executive retreats, leadership labs and proven tools, RISE will drive transformation and growth in your organization.