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What To Do When Your Team Doesn’t Buy In To Your Vision

As a leader, have you ever been concerned because you feel like your vision, or an initiative, or a change project you are rolling out is not being readily adopted by those that you would expect to take it to run with it? The problem may be that there is no “why” behind the “what.” I find, in most organizations and with most leaders, that we tend to spend a lot of time talking about what we want to do and focus less on why it’s important to do it.

When we talk about “why,” it gives the task a purpose. People are more motivated about being a part of something that’s bigger than themselves; something that’s tied to a greater purpose than just themselves.

Additionally, if you give them the why, it gives those on your team an opportunity to tap into their God-given strengths and abilities to come up with new ideas to build or support the plan that you’ve rolled out.

Try to focus on saturating your communication with the “why” and see if the “whats” don’t get accomplished a little bit faster.

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