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The Key to Successful Hiring

Assessments help make successful hiring quicker and easier.By Diamond Richardson

You have an open position at your company. Following your usual method of searching for candidates, you post the job opening on Monster and LinkedIn. You also attend a few career fairs. Now you are swimming in resumes that need to be reviewed. These standard methods of searching for a job candidate will put you in contact with hundreds of job candidates, but whether or not even a fraction of these candidates are qualified is a toss-up.

After all of the time you have invested developing a candidate pool, you now have to spend even more time reading resumes and cover letters. Although it is highly unlikely that even 25 percent of the candidate pool is worth a second look, you have to look through all the resumes because skipping even one could mean missing out on a successful hire.

This situation is annoyingly familiar for smaller companies without a large HR department. In these cases, it is often up to a company manager to do the searching and interviewing, in addition to all of his or her other job duties. Managers at small companies continue to suffer through the time consuming process, claiming that using outside resources like assessments or recruiters is simply too expensive for their company’s small budget. While these tools do cost money, the return on investment is tremendous.

With so many available jobs, yet a historically high unemployment rate, it is clear that the problem has shifted from a lack of jobs to matching the right people to available jobs. Here are three ways narrowing your candidate pool using assessments or recruiters makes successful hiring easier and more effective:

1) You will save time.
Scanning hundreds of resumes and making dozens of phone calls before finding the right people to interview is time consuming. You can accomplish the same thoroughness by screening out unqualified candidates by using assessments. Hiring assessments are designed to weed out the unsuitable candidates until you find the most qualified matches for your specific open position.

2) Candidates that reach out to staffing companies and recruiters are more likely to be creative, dedicated employees.
Most job seekers began their job search by applying online to jobs they found on job boards. Job boards are a great tool during a job search, but anyone truly looking for the right job knows they should not be your only tool. Candidates serious about finding the right job often turn to staffing companies because they know staffing companies are a direct link to interviewers at a company. This indicates that the candidate is creative and willing to go above and beyond what the typical job seeker is doing.

3) Your chances of finding the right person are higher the first time.
When the need for an employee is great, even the best manager has a tendency to rush the hiring process to get someone in the office. But onboarding is expensive, so it is critical to do everything you can to make sure the person you bring on plans on being around for a while. Traditional candidate searching (job boards, career fairs, etc.) typically means you are picking one person out of a pool of hundreds. But after narrowing down your candidate pool using assessments based on skill level and job fit, your chances of finding a successful hire are much higher (See how the ProfileXT® can help you select the right candidate).

Money may be tight for many small business owners, but skimping on the hiring process is not the way to save money. Taking too long to fill open positions or hiring the wrong person costs more money in the long run through lost time. When it comes to successful hiring, outside resources that narrow your candidate pool are worth the investment!

Do you use assessments or a staffing company? Do you feel like they are worth the money?

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