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Time is the most valuable commodity leaders possess. Our advanced approach frees executive leadership to work on the business rather than in the business. We help high-level leadership capture the

time to do what only they can –strategic planning, culture development and execution planning. Transform your leadership focus. Transform your business

Vision First

When employees buy into a compelling vision, they’ll be driven toward fulfilling the future in which they believe.

RISE works with your leadership team to create a compelling vision that is relevant to everyone in your company. Your vision will unite your team behind a common purpose – and connect with the hopes and aspirations of each and every stakeholder.

When your people have faith in your vision, they’ll hold themselves to a higher standard.

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The Priority

There is a chasm of difference between activity and accomplishment. Companies that work with RISE make progress by focusing on high-value daily disciplines while removing the elements that constrain their team from obtaining higher performance levels.

We guide leaders in identifying the activities that provide the most fulfillment and the greatest impact on your mission. At the intersection of what you should do, can do and want to do, you’ll find your most impactful and rewarding work.

Your Team

A company is at its strongest when the entire team — from president to trainee – shares an ownership mentality. Accountability, problem solving and decision making must be handled at the appropriate levels of the organization, so leaders have the time to focus on high-priority activities.

RISE will help you create the proper accountabilities, feedback systems and meeting rhythms you need in place to engage your employees, giving you the confidence that your team is on-track and will deliver.

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“I believe at a time of hyper
growth and limited time to get everything
done, Mark was a force multiplier for
me, my executives, our culture, and more.”

Brian Williams,

CEO OneSource Virtual

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Choose Growth.

At Rise Performance Group, we guide executive leaders in focusing on profitable vision and strategy, while simultaneously working with the organization to support that vision. When mid-level leaders step up, problem solve and make decisions, executive leaders gain the time to focus on the bigger picture. Through executive retreats, leadership labs and proven tools, Rise will drive transformation and growth in your organization.