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Think Before You Tweet: Don’t Let Twitter Cost You Your Job

By Sarah Watson Why bother getting fired over Facebook when you can lose your job on Twitter in 140 characters or less? Twitter can streamline your humiliation and cost you your job in record time. Just ask Gene Morphis, former chief financial officer of fashion retailer Francesca's Holdings Corp. He ...
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Turn That Frown Upside Down: Motivating Employees after Downsizing

By Jaylyn Schumpert Rumors of layoffs have been going around your office for weeks, and everyone is on edge. Today is the day and at 5 o’clock you will be doing one of two things: getting ready for the next work day or packing up your personal belongings and joining the ...
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What is organization culture?

By Joe Corona Five organization pillars that will develop and reinforce a high-performance culture. Culture is considered one of the most obscure and complex organization attributes there is. It is very hard to describe…… and even harder to develop. So what is organization culture? Does it really exist?  Anyone that ...
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